Integrated HTS 1

The system is comprised of a pipetting robot (Agilent Bravo), liquid dispensor (BioTek 406), robotic arms (Agilent BenchBot, Benchcel), a CO2 incubator (Thermo Cytomat 2C), a lid hotel, plate carousel, barcode reader and labeler, automated centrifuge, a plate reader, a sealer and a peeler (Show HTS1 ASSEMBLE.jpg). The base of the system is consisting of four newport anti-vibration tables (40 *40 inches), which gives 120*80 inches work space. All instrument representations are proportional following their dimensions (Show HTS1 Layout.jpg). The two robotic arms integrate linear and circular positioned equipment, and drastically improved the plate handling efficiency. The Bravo system is equipped with a 96/250 head (for 1-250ul liquid transfer), a 384/60 head (for 0.5-60ul liquid transfer), a 384F head (stainless fixed tip for 0.1-50ul liquid transfer), and a 384 pintool (for 25-100nl compound transfer). This system is currently being used almost daily for HCS plate processing (e.g. 384 well plate immunostaining), plate replication/serial dilution, chemical and siRNA screen, etc.