Integrated HTS 2

The second screening platform comprises a Spinnaker arm on a 2m linear track, surrounded by a full array of instruments required for HTS applications.

These include:

Plate Reader

Automated Incubator
Thermo Cytomat 2C (2)

Liquid Handler
Beckman NXP, TTPtech Mosquito X1, Cybio Well Vario

Liquid Dispensor
Biotek 406, Thermo Combo nl

Liquid Dispensor
Biotek 406, Thermo Combo nl

Plate Carousel
Thermo Cytomat 10

Plate Centrifuge
Agilent Vspin

Plate Sealer/Peeler
Agilent PlateLoc/Brook Xpeel

Lid Hotel
HighRes LidValet

We designed this system to be much more versatile with higher throughput. Multiple liquid handlers are integrated within the system, which are capable of 25nl-250ul compound/media transfer, serial dilution, cherry picking, etc. Cybio Well Vario is equipped with 384 head with 25 and 100nl capillary tips. With integrated tip washer, this system can finish a 384 well plate compound transfer in < 20s. TTPtech Mosquito X1 also provides ultra-fast compound cherry picking capacity (25-1200nl compound transfer in <7s per well). This uHTS system has the capacity to screen >100,000 compounds a day.